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snchts breaking overnight, hundreds hurt in russia after a fireball crashes to earth. plus: >> we kissed the ground. we were so happy to see that ground. >> stuck at sea for days. this crippled cruise ship finally reaches dry land. reaction from relieved passengers as fox 5 morning news continues right now. good morning to you. live look outside right now. it's february 15th. happy friday, everyone. we made it to the end of the week. cold end to the week. good morning to you, i'm wisdom
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martin. >> and i'm sarah simmons. before we get to weather, we begin with a story breaking from overnight in russia. look at this. a meteor crashes through the atmosphere about 1,000 miles east of moscow. you can see it's caught on tape by a driver here. well, the spectacular images show it exploding right there into a fireball with bright flashes and breaking up into smaller meteorites and leaving a white con trail. >> those are some amazing pictures. those meteorites left damage in six cities in russia. particles caused one factory roof to collapse. 500 were injured, mostly windows that were shattered by a sonic boom caused by the meteor. >> we'll talk more about this in "ask tony and tucker." he was going to be here because we're talking about the asteroid that's passing close to the earth today but is not supposed to hit, of course. >> obviously that's breaking news. >> crazy. >> amazing, isn't it? >> uh-huh. >> lots more on that coming up. let's do some local weather. we're fine, we're cold,
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temperatures in the 30s, and we're going to be enjoying highs in the 50s, believe it or not today. we got a lot going on. 36 now at reagan national, 35 dulles, baltimore, bwi marshall 33 degrees. just a little cloud cover to start your day. morning commute just fine, kids going to the bus stop, nice and dry, but it is chilly. again, temperatures in the low 30s for much of the area. later today, by 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tonight, we're going to get some rain showers moving in here, and just like a couple nights ago, it looks like cold air is going to kind of rush in behind that front that is going to arrive later today and that could transition for snow for parts of the area later tonight. by early tomorrow morning, there could be a coating on the ground for parts of the region, there could be an inch in northern maryland, something like that. we're not talking about major snow overnight, but the possibility of some snow developing later this evening. here's your forecast, first it'll start as rain showers this afternoon with highs anytime you're talking upper 40s and 50s, it'll be rain here late today. i think evening commute about the time some of those showers move in. >> thank you, tucker.
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time now to check in with julie wright to talk about the morning commute. hey, julie. >>reporter: right now we're dealing with a huge accident to report. it's on the outer loop of the beltway. this one involving an overturned dump truck. outer loop of the beltway before you reach richie malburn road. this is the delay that's forming on the outer loop of the beltway. this is northbound 95, 495, the waiting line begins right before the exit for route 4 and you can see these people are taking that exit, getting off of the interstate right now onto route 4 this. is where the delay begins, again, crash involving an overturned dump truck. there's activity on both the ld and the right side of the highway at this time. let's continue now with the maps and show you what's happening on the roads. we do have some problems to report for those continuing to work their way along eastbound 66. the crash occurred out at 15 haymark, and even though it's been pulled to the shoulder, it's still backing up your drive headed east. traffic slows again 50123 down to about 48 miles an hour at this point. and, of course, the crash north of town eastbound on 340 between 17 and 180. right lane remains closed off at this time. that's a check of your fox 5 on
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time traffic. >> julie, thanks. our big story this hour, a nightmare has finally come to an end for thousands of cruise ship passengers. >> they were stranded for five days with no power or running water. this morning everyone is happy to be on solid ground. fox 5's sherrily is live in the newsroom now with more. >>reporter: wisdom, i would say happy is the least of the term these folks would use. they are absolutely overjoyed, cheers erupted from passengers as the carnival cruise ship triumph doblged in mobile late -- docked in mobile late last night. many of those passengers checked into a hotel last night, happy to finally get a hot shower and food after this ordeal at sea. the disabled ship finally made it in late last night, more than 4,000 people were stranded on the triumph for five days after that engine room fire knocked out the power. it took four hours to get everyone off of that 14-story ship. passengers described unsanitary conditions, overflowing toilets and some people slept on the
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open deck. waiting buses did take people to hotels in new orleans and texas. the cruise line apologized, but for many passengers, the deplorable conditions seemed unforgivable. >> everybody was, you know, using buckets to do what they had to do and those poor crewmembers, they were coming in immediately after somebody would go used the bathroom and clean it up by hand and wait for the next person to come in. it was horrible. you just gotta go with the flow. there's really nothing you can do. you're there, you're stuck and there's no reason to panic. >>reporter: the national transportation safety board has opened an investigation. the group gave passengers a full refund and $500 in compensation. carnival now admits that the ship had been having mechanical problems in the weeks before the voyage and it has canceled dozens of planned cruises aboard the triumph. and i have to say what those passengers went through certainly good to be back home
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now. wisdom and sarah. >> tough times, sherri. after they're being elated being back on land, i'm sure the frustration will set in a little bit later. sherri ly, thank you so much for that report. our other top stories this morning, police in alexandria have ruled the death of a 94- year-old man a homicide. elmore rohrs was found dead inside his holry street home on wednesday -- holly street home on wednesday in what appeared to be a violent attack. while police have not made an arrest, they did arrest a woman for robbing a home last november. officers won't say how they identified her as a suspect in the case, but the home is surrounded by security cameras. several local people will be honored at the white house today. they are set to receive the 2012 presidential citizens medal, the second highest civilian honor the nation can bestow. in addition to 12 living recipients, the award will be posthumously given to the six adults killed in the newtown,
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connecticut school shooting. after the ceremony, president obama heads to chicago to continue to present issues in his state of the union address. he will talk about proposals to boost the economy, particularly the middle class. a milestone in afghanistan, the number of american troops killed in the line of duty is declining. it's been over 25 days since a u.s. servicemember has been killed, the longest stretch since 2008. by this time next year, president obama plans to bring 34,000 troops home. right now afghans lead over 80% of combat operations, and for the first time afghan women are being trained when the u.s. pulls out. still ahead, a serious robot for one of the president's high profile nominees to his cabinet. and a double amputee track star is in court, charged with murdering his girlfriend. the very latest on the investigation is coming up next.
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this is my friend diane. she's played by the rules her whole life. but then the rules flew right out the window. having just lost her husband, she stepped up and adopted her three grandkids, while working full time and caring for her brother, eddie, with cerebral palsy. i get the three children up. i walk andrew at eight i drop olivia off at eight thirty. spend a few minutes at emilio's school. i stop at the grocery store, and then i might do some laundry that has to be done. and then i have about five minutes. the baby sitter comes in and then i go to work. i'm not back home again until 11:30 at night. hard as she works, it's still a struggle to keep up with the bills
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news out of south africa this morning, prosecutors will
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pursue a charge of premeditated murder against paralympic star oscar pistorius. the disabled runner is seen here arriving at court where he reportedly went during the hearing. pistorius is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp inside his home early yesterday morning. police say the body inside a burned out cabin is body of christopher dorner. dorner was identified through dental record. he was wanted for the murder of four people, including a women's basketball coach and her fiancee. officials say dorner researched the couple before killing them. dorner claimed the murders were revenge killings for being let go from the force. and last night senate republicans blocked the nomination of chuck hagel's, president obama's pick to be the next defense secretary. another vote is planned for the 26th of this month which is expected to pass. that means leon panetta will have to wait a little bit longer to retire. and coming up, a virginia couple is looking forward to an early retirement after cashing in a winning powerball ticket.
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>> yeah. so how do they plan to spend the money? we're going to hear from that lucky couple coming up next.  it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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welcome back. a fredricksburg man and his wife were likely smiling through their 80-mile commute to work this morning. >> just a few more trips and then they will never have to do it again. dave honeywell has cashed in his winning powerball ticket for $217 million. it was a $217 million check. he purchased the ticket at richmond international airport on super bowl sunday before leaving for a business trip. it was a tense flight back home after he realized he had the winning numbers. >> in minneapolis, i actually found this wallet that you put on your arm. i've used it before for traveling overseas, so i put it inside my long sleeves or whatever, put the ticket in there, but i kept checking it on the way home. it's, like, okay, it's gotta be there. >> dave and his wife are federal workers and he says
6:16 am
he'll retire in about a month and a half after he wraps up that project he's working on. and she plans to retire in the next two weeks. then the plan is to build a nice big retirement house. >> so he held onto the ticket for days while he was at work? >> right. >> in colorado, remember? >> he wasn't home. >> he wasn't home. >> i would get a private jet to bring the ticket back here, i wouldn't -- >> i would have held onto it for a couple of days. i would have gotten on the next flight, tape td to my leg. i'm not letting that thing to my sight. i'd be looking at my leg every three seconds. >> you would have raised security. >> scan me all you want because you will work for me soon. >> make a movie about losing the ticket. let's do temperatures, we're cold. cold start to your day. we're going to warm up into the 50s today. we have a wild looking forecast the next 24 to 48 hours. 36 right now in washington. much of the area has dipped below freezing, so it's cold out there.
6:17 am
a little frost on the windshield, might have to do some scraping in parts of the area here. manassas, 25, you're nice and cold, 34 in gaithersburg, 30 up in fredrick. let's look across the bay, 37 in stephensville and 34 in cambridge. again, a chilly start. going to warm it up quickly here. we're going to get a push of air out of the south ahead of our frontal system that will move through late this afternoon and that will bring us a period of rain showers and perhaps transitioning into snow showers later tonight. first front moving off to our north, just a little bit of cloud cover to start your morning, kind of a partly sunny start. we should see a decent amount of sunshine and quickly warm up here later this morning and then the clouds will roll in later today. there's your frontal system. we get a little area of low pressure riding along this front and that's going to move in later this afternoon, so we'll cloud up here 2:00, 3:00 today, and then there'll be some showers around i think for the evening commute, by 5:00, 6:00 tonight we'll see some rain showers moving through the 95 corridor here. and then as we get into the nighttime hours, the front is going to kind of hang up and an area of low pressure is going to ride along that, and we could, for parts of the area,
6:18 am
just like a few nights ago, transition over to some snow shower activity. it is possible to have enough to cover the cars by morning, maybe some light accumulations, particularly to north and north and east, maybe an inch of snow overnight tonight into early tomorrow. here's where the forecast gets confusing. that same front is going to hang out just to our east tomorrow, and yet another area of low pressure is going to develop and ride up and along it tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night: there are indications that that storm may be close enough that parts of our viewing area, particularly the lower eastern shore could receive some more snow tomorrow afternoon and we're going to be right on the edge here in the immediate washington area. so you really want to stay tuned to the forecast for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. we're just not quite sure yet how close that area of low pressure is going to track towards the washington area late tomorrow. forecast for today, you can guarantee we'll get this one right, 54, early sun, afternoon -- she was laughing at me again, late day showers, winds out of the the west at five. tonight 33 your overnight low. rain transitioning to snow in parts of the area.
6:19 am
much colder overnight, winds out of the west at five to 10. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, possible snow for parts of the area tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it will be cold, highs only upper 30s to about 40 and lots of clouds around for us tomorrow. sunday all of us get in on the cold, 36 degrees, the daytime high. and mid-40s around here by monday for the holiday with sunshine. so monday looks good. that's weather. let's do some traffic and get the latest from julie wright who's got your roads. julie. >>reporter: got my what? >> got your roads. what did you think i said? >>reporter: i thought you said weather. here's what i know, out here on the highway, it's kind of busy at this hour, we've got some trouble eastbound 340 between 17 and 180. the accident activity tying up the right side of the highway. again, south on 270, as expected, you're below speeds leaving urbana heading to the truck scales at 109. average speeds now down to 31 miles per hour. wilson boulevard at quinn street, that's where we have a crash reported involving a pedestrian. we'll pop up the cameras now, and for those traveling around town, you'll find your lanes are open in each direction,
6:20 am
traveling northbound on i-95 out of woodbridge. traffic slows as you continue north of the pins william parkway. i've got delays route 1 headed up to 286, the fairfax county parkway. traveling the top side of the beltway, the outer loop below speed, leaving university road. southbound 95 and 295 are in great shape coming in from laurel. on the outer loop of the beltway, as you travel from andrews, that's where we have the crash. sky fox is enroute. we were hoping they would be there live for this shot, i don't think they are. the outer loop of the beltway an overturned dump truck before richie marlboro road. big tieups right now from route 4 around that scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thanks. listen up, you know, we drink a lot of it, a lot of water. it makes up most of our bodies. but do you have what it takes to be a great drop of water rs wisdom? if so, d.c. water wants you to be the new mascot. today until next tuesday the company is holding auditions for its person to serve as
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wendy ond wendell the water drop. the times are on your screen, though you must schedule the it. we should all go down. >> why would you want to audition to be a water drop? >> you gotta have the moves, flow like water, all smooth. 81 what that is. >> that's a water drop. coming up next we're going to go live to fox business network in new york to see how the markets are shaping up on this friday. but, first, ready, set, go. starting today the newest member of the racing presidents, william taft or bill will face off against teddy for a race all the way to mount rushmore. the two will meet the rest of the gang at the landmark on president's day. you can vote on who you think will win kurltcy of twitter -- courtesy of twitter. to learn how, log onto our website, and search under morning news. my mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee
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welcome back. we are back now with a check of the markets this morning, adam shapiro is live in new york with this morning's live "business speak." good morning to you, adam. >>reporter: good morning to you, sarah. >> between the airline news and ketchup news, i was wondering how things are going to shake out in the market today. what can we expect? >>reporter: i'm more a mustard guy myself. but, you know, dow was down a bit, s & p was up one point. a lot of that had to do with the big americaner of american airlines and u.s. airways and the buyout of heinz, apparently mr. buffett liking ketchup. futures are in negative territory and part of this could be europe's in recession, the g-20's meeting and whenever the finance minister and central bankers get together, it can't be any good, especially when they have to fight over who's going to pick up the bar tab. we'll probably start the day in new york in negative territory >> let's head overseas and look at europe. what's with the horse meat scandal? it seems to be growing over
6:26 am
there and what kind of global impact could we see on the markets possibly? >>reporter: this is -- fortunately horse meat is not traded in new york. they'll sell you just about anything else in new york, especially on wall street, but the europeans really have a problem on their hands. first of all, they have had to recall thousands upon thousands of tons of food, frozen hamburger, lasagna because what they discovered was things labeled as genuine beef, 100% beef were actually q wilbur from the "the mr. ed show." they had three arrests yesterday in the united kingdom, the dutch authorities are indicating that someone in charge of one of the companies that processes beef and horse meat and then sends it out actually was imprisoned years ago for, guess what, >> oh, horse meat? >>reporter: selling horse meat labeled as beef. this is nothing new, but they haven't gotten to the bottom of this yet. >> and i'm heading to europe within a month. i may take up the vegetarian diet while i'm there. >>reporter: no steaks tar-tar
6:27 am
for you. >> adam, thanks. good to see you. have a good weekend. >>reporter: take care. coming up more reaction from those cruise ship passengers just hours after they reach land. and a developing situation playing out in russia. early this morning a meteorite streaked across the sky, causing explosions and hundreds of injuries. an update coming up next. plus pitchers and catchers, they're working out, they are under way in florida, a spring training report in today's "morning line." 
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[ anouncer ] ihop. everything you love about breakfast. you want that don't you? have you seen the video of this meteorite landing in russia? it shows amazing pictures of a meteor exploding in the sky before -- for the urrel mountains. russian scientists estimate it at 10 tons. how they know that we don't know. but the meteor streaks through the atmosphere and then causes a sonic boom, a thick white contreo was seen over several
6:31 am
cities as shocked russians looked on. it damaged several buildings and injured over 500, mostly from broken glass. that's just incredible. it is. >> so coming up here on tony and tucker in a few minutes, we are going to talk to greg redfern who's all about this. he's going crazy. i'm talking to him right off camera here and he's very excited about it. i've posted -- i'm not giving my website, butmy website again? >> tuckerbarnes@fox5dc. >> i'm getting better at it. >> this is the facebook page. oh, my goodness. >> if you have questions for greg, get them to me immediately because we'll be talking to him in 10 minutes. i gotta get that down. i'm sorry. >> we understand your social media curve. >> i'm going to catch you up. let's do some weather. mid-30s here in washington. it is now 36 degrees, 32 in pittsburgh, 28 in chicago, i'm embarrassed, 33 in richmond. we are looking at a mild day today, and we've got a very,
6:32 am
very wild couple days setting up here as we're going to be warm today, cold tonight, there could be a little snow later tonight and then a very cold wintery weekend. satellite and radar, a few clouds to start your day. you'll get some morning sunshine. the clouds will move in this afternoon, and then i think for the evening commute, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 tonight we'll get some showers moving in, and some much colder air is going to rush in behind that frontal system, and then we could see the transition like a couple nights ago rain showers to some snow showers overnight. there could be some light accumulations around here by tomorrow morning, a covering, maybe up to an inch of snow in some spots. then by tomorrow afternoon, it's possible we could do some more snow across the area. i'll explain why coming up in a couple minutes. 54 in washington for a daytime high, 51 in leonardtown, 56 in manassas. so, again, very mild temperatures up ahead of that front today. >> i guess so. all right, tucker, thank you. traffic time now with julie wright. >>reporter: and just for the record, tucker is not the only one with a facebook page
6:33 am
because we now have one for the traffic so that you guys can see what's going on there as well. >> we all have them. >>reporter: we all have them. and i'm using hood sweep to get stuff on the twitter and the facebook as well. we're trying to keep you up to date as well as we possibly can. this is the accident involving the overturned truck, outer loop of the beltway which would be 95, 495 north approaching richie marlboro road. so i've got activity on both sides of the roadway here, although it's on the shoulder, all lanes are open. tieups occur northbound on the beltway around andrews towards this accident scene. the inner loop lanes are open, no big deal for you, but the outer loop headed northbound on 95 and 495, definitely off to a slow start this morning. let's continue with the next element, you're going to find eastbound along 66 in for a slow go from fair oaks headed eastbound trying to get past 123. we had reports of a stalled vehicle tying up the right lane. also the top side of the beltway, the outer loop slowing now from 95 trying to get past coldsville road. let's pop you up the maps. problems still lingering north of town, that is eastbound 340
6:34 am
between 17 and 180, that's where we had the crash, southbound 270 down to 31 miles an hour coming out of urbana headed towards 109 and the activity involving a pedestrian wilson boulevard here at quinn street. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. more on our big story this morning now, thousands of cruise ship passengers are enjoying a hot shower and a hot meal this morning for the first time in days. they safely arrived on solid ground late last night after nearly a week at sea. fox' sherri ly is in our newsroom with the story this morning, sherri, they've got to be breathing such a sigh of relief. >>reporter: absolutely, sarah. you know what happened on the carnival cruise ship triumph is just stomach turning. you can bet after this horrific ordeal at sea, a hot shower and bed never felt better for these passengers as that ship came into port, some were chanting let me off, let me off, they could not wait to get on solid ground. after five agoonizing day with no power and conditions deteriorating, the triumph arrived home in mobile, alabama
6:35 am
late last night. some passengers ran from the ship, overjoyed to escape their nightmare at sea, even kissing the ground. buses then took people to hotels or home to texas where that ship was based. carnival apologized and gave passengers a refund plus $500 compensation. but for days those passengers endured deplorable conditions with overflowing toilets, people sleeping on the open deck and the rancid smell. >> you would step on the ground and the carpet and your feet were like sinking in because it was so wet. a couple threw away the flip flops were we wearing. there was no water, we had to get the hand sanitizer stuff and pour it all over our feet. never in my life will i ever walk around a cruise ship. i'm done. i'm done. never again. it's not going to happen. >>reporter: probably a lot of people aboard that ship that feel that way today. carnival now admits that the triumph had been plagued with mechanical problems in the weeks leading up to the engine
6:36 am
room fire. dozens of planned voyages have been canceled and the 14-story ship is now head today a mobile shipyard for assessment. the national transportation safety board has also opened an investigation. carnival, again, did apologize to passengers and said it is now doing everything it can to get people back home safely. sarah and wisdom. >> as they should. thank you, sherri. now to the other top stories we are following this morning. in virginia the search is on for a killer after alexandria police ruled the death of a 94- year-old man a homicide. elmer rohrs was found dead inside his holly street home on wednesday in what appears to have been a violent attack. we spoke with the victim's wife and stepson who did not wish to be identified. >> we were going to have our 13th anniversary july 20th. it doesn't make any sense to me. >> to have his life ended in this horrible, tragic way, just
6:37 am
breaks my heart. i mean, joe, rest in peace. it's just overwhelming. >> now, while police have not made an arrest in rohr's murder, they did arrest a woman for robbing the home last november. officers won't say how they identified her as the suspect in that case, but the home is surrounded by security cameras. george washington's estate is making a big announcement today. it is announcing the opening date of the founding fathers presidential library. the $47 million library will be dedicated to the ideals of george washington and give scholars a chance to study the founding father. but it won't be part of the national archive like other modern presidential libraries. wisdom. all right, sarah, now time for the morning line. if you were thinking about giving up on the catch this season, you may want to hold that thought. the team is now on a season- high winning streak of three games and that's a big deal for this group getting back in the swing of things with a new coach.
6:38 am
last night in tampa bay, washington never trailed, but with just a few minutes left, the lightning made it a one- point game. still the caps managed to hold on for a 4-3 win. fears scored three goals, barrio had three shises. up next a trip to new york on sunday to take on the rangers. today several caps players will be back in the nation's capital visiting children's national medical center for an arts and crafts project with patients there. meanwhile, down south, excitement is building for nats fans. in just two days the entire squad will meet for spring training in viera, florida for their first full day of workouts. today is a day for pitchers and catchers, but one person is still missing, rafael soriano has yet to be seen. the big off season signing has been held up due to visa issues, but the manager isn't worried saying soriano is a talented veteran and knows how
6:39 am
to get ready for the season. coming up in the 9:00 hour, pitcher tyler clipert joins us live from the spring training facility. and finally, l.a.'s finest, blake griffin and kobe bryant meeting one last time before the all-star break and it was all clippers. they never trailed, beating the lakers 125-101. it was quite a turn around in l.a. now it's the clippers that are on top of the mountain. that's it for "the pornography line." sarah, back over to you. >> wisdom, thanks. still ahead we are taking a closer look at the asteroid that's slated to zoom past earth today. a special guest is here today to separate fact from fiction for us. we'll be right back. this is so sick!
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welcome back. a food fight that turned into an all-out brawl at a minneapolis high school is under investigation now. police say they'll review surveillance video to determine whether charges will be brought against any of the over 200 students involved. once police arrived on the scene, they had to use chemical spray to break up the fight.
6:43 am
four people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. that's amazing. i didn't realize that people were still doing food fights. >> yeah. you know, it gets a little crazy like that too around here at fox 5. >> yeah, but not 200 people. that's a lot at a high school. i wonder what sparked that. >> you know it doesn't take much. >> that's true. it is high school, after all, that's what we're talking about here. let's talk weather. >> hey, yeah, we got cold temperatures to start the day. in fact -- i don't know what that was about. >> where did this come from? >> it fell out of the sky like a meteor, i guess. >> what are you doing over there? we can do some weather, fearing for my life over here. 38 right now in washington. excuse me, 36 in washington, 36 in leonardtown this morning. a little frost on the windshield, temperatures overnight falling below freezing. we got a little bit of moisture out there, and that, of course, contributing to the frost. 25 this morning in manassas, 30 in fredrick, 34 in winchester. we got a lot going on today.
6:44 am
we're going to have some warm temperatures or mild temperatures, into the 50s, and then a front is going to move through later this afternoon and that could bring us a period of rain showers around here in time for your evening commute, and then perhaps that will transition into some snow later tonight. satellite and radar nice and quiet to start your day, should be plenty of sunshine out early. but as we get into the afternoon hours, the clouds will quickly increase. here's our next frontal system. we get an area of low pressure developing along this front later this afternoon as it kind of slides up and into the washington area. so rain showers back in the forecast late this afternoon. some very cold air right behind this front, and as that mixes in with our area of low pressure tonight, we could see that transition just like a few nights ago from rain to snow for parts of the area, and maybe enough to cover the ground in some spots. maybe upwards of an inch a possibility by tomorrow morning north of the city. no advisories at this hour, but we'll watch that. forecast for the weekend gets complicated this. front is going to hang up across the mid-atlantic and we're going to look at -- we're forecasting, we're anticipating another area of low pressure to
6:45 am
develop along that front and slide very close to the mid- atlantic during the day tomorrow and tomorrow night. and still some indication that is it could be close enough where we could get a period of snow washington and points south and east tomorrow afternoon. again, that's going to be a very close call and we're not exactly sure where that area of low pressure is going to set up tomorrow afternoon. so you want to continue to monitor your forecast. here we are at 5:00, showers moving in. notice it's already transitioning to some snow in the mountains out to the west. there you go, you can see that rain and/or snow moving through later tonight. again, if you're going to be on the roadways later tonight, be ready for the possibility of some snow flying out. and tomorrow morning we should be back into a little sunshine. we'll have to watch that forecast for the second half of saturday carefully. 54 today. early sun gives way to clouds, late day showers, wins out of the west about five. tonight rain transitioning to snow, much colder overnight. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, could be some snow tomorrow, best chance will be east of the city and south, lower eastern shore, ocean city, we'll have to watch that forecast very carefully. cold sunday, 36 degrees.
6:46 am
>> weather all over the place. hello. >> hey, good morning. >> good morning. quite a morning we're having here. guess what it's time for? yeah. "ask tony and tucker," this, of course, a segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together, pressing questions, weather related or otherwise, all morning long, in fact, for some time we've been telling about an asteroid that's hurtling toward earth. sounds like science fiction, it is not. it is headed this way, it will pass by earth later today. however, the big news right now today is this huge meteor. i've not even seen the video yet. i'll see it in just a second. a huge meteor entered. earth's atmosphere over russia and exploded, injuring hundreds of people and causing some damage. joining us now to talk all about this is our sky guy greg redfern, nasa ambassador. so we booked you to come in -- >> little did we know. >> you guys are good, top of the news. >> real good, man.
6:47 am
how's the stock market going to do? >> we'll see. i thought the mayanna calendar was -- >> child's play. >> all right, greg, let's talk about this event. most people are just hearing about it. >> boy. >> a meteor, how big do we think it was? >> well, the latest news report said that this was probably about 10 tons and i'm thinking it's probably the size of a big suv, came in the atmosphere, they were figuring about 33,000 miles an hour and it exploded at about 18 to 20 miles or so above the earth's atmosphere. this is incredible video, incredible. so you're seeing the fireball, ball like coming in. >> it's essentially melting as it's coming into the atmosphere? >> it's blading, it's coming in, it's leaving all of this material, the earth's atmosphere, it's causing friction, it's making its surface a blade away, it's building up this shock wave in front of it and the fireball can't withstand it and it blows, it explodes. >> we're reporting hundreds of injuries. what are the injuries most
6:48 am
likely from? >> number wunl it's from people panicking but a lot of glass got blown out. i saw a video right here, you can see it, from the shack wave, from the blast wave, so this thing had to have a pretty good blast coming down. >> it came down over a populated area in russia. not heavily populated, in the euro mountains. >> but it shows what happens with these events so with the asteroid passing later today passing at 17,150 miles, it is a clear miss, let's get at that straight. it shows you the power in these space rocks. >> the asteroid, 2012da-14, that's what it's called, my understand is that the projections are having it get a little bit closer to earth, but not in any significant way. >> no. we are not going to get hit by this one, and even the one today was an air burst, but this is a big boy, and you'll like this, tony.
6:49 am
if you were to put 2012da-14 at fed ex field on the 50-yard- line, pick your end zone because the meteor will go all the way into the end zone, it's about 150 feet across, the asteroid, and if this one were to hit the earth it, would cause a lot more damage. >> it would be a city killer. >> this is the same class, the same size of asteroid that came in over russia and siberian june 30th, 1908. it was another air burst, and it was about two to 20 mega tons of energy, and this asteroid when it blew up, about five, six miles above the earth's surface, out 80 million trees or a 2000 square kilo meter square area which is 2/3 the size of rhode island. so that is the same class of 2012da-14s. >> now, as as stron meres, -- atron meres, you become experts, are there more and more of these? >> yeah. the meteor this morning was too
6:50 am
small, those are just too small to see, but the ones like 12da- 14, we are out there looking for them. the ironic thing is this is a historic day because 2012da-14 is the largest and the closest passing asteroid to be discovered since we really started looking for these guys pack in the '90s. and why? when one impacted jupiter, congress finally did something and said, guys, start finding these things, that was the impact of the comet that hit jupiter many times. that's when we started looking for them. >> that's what nasa is looking for in the future, you can detect some of them now, but not only being able to detect them, but having some kind of system in space -- >> planetary defense and it's not bruce willis, okay? with his new movie, we need a little bit better than that. >> i'm not an astronomer, but let me ask you this, this meteorite, is this related to the asteroid?
6:51 am
>> according to esa, the answer is know. the thing about 12da-14, it's going to come from the south and head up north across the earth. the point of closest approach is going to be right over sumatra at 2:25 today, eastern standard time. i've put a bunch of stuff on my blog site so people can tune into nasa and see almost near- life images of the asteroid as it comes by, and what i think is really cool is we're going to be painting that with radar, so we're going to get a good 3- d image of what 2012da-14 looks like. so we're going to learn, and we're getting ready to send some missions out to asteroids. know your enemy, go to your enemy. >> i got a real quick question before we wrap up. i ask the viewers questions for you, bob martin wants to know, the bright flash we saw in the russian video, what is that? is that actual footage? >> that was the incoming meteor or bowlite exploding. that flash of light you see is the energy release when it finally exploded. >> what is your blog so people can go to it? >> it's right here at wttg, sky
6:52 am
weather. >> go to and you can get it. a busy man today. >> oh, yes. always a pleasure. the sky is not falling, it is there. >> it is but it isn't. if you have a question that you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. there you go. >> that went fast. let's find out what's happening with traffic. we go to julie now. >>reporter: forget about the meteorites, what about money falling from the sky? that's what i need, you know? no one is going to get upset if they get hit in the head with a 100 dollar bill. it's like your credit card when i go to the store. check this out, guys, this happens to be the outer loop of the beltway before richie marlboro road. this is the overturned dump truck that was in the roadway a few moments ago. it's been pulled over to the side. unfortunately still on its side here, outer loop of the beltway before richie road. activity now confined to the left shoulder. big tieups headed northbound
6:53 am
95, 495, leaving andrews. in fact, from andrews close to route 5 for this delay as you guys travel northbound up the eastbound side of the beltway. quick peek of what's going on out here. let's pop up the cameras, delays on the outer loop leaving 95 around georgia avenue. that's what we have for you here, all of the lanes are open. on the west side of town, eastbound 66 traffic heavy and slow out of manassas with delays continuing from 50 trying to get past 123, this stalled car was in the right lane before nutley street. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thanks. in las vegas valentine's day goes to the dogs, bass et hounds maggie and betit barked i do on thursday at the doggy district pet resort. the ceremony was led by the king of hound dogs themselves, elvis. the newlywed pups are available for adoption at a local basset hound rescue in vegas. >> did you set your tivo for that just like you did from the westminster dog show? >> no, it's still full. jt actor charlie sheen paying it forward.
6:54 am
>> he wired $10,000 to a florida girl for a therapy dog. the golden retriever pictured here with a trainer will become teagan marty's constant companion. the 15-year-old was initially paralyzed after falling from the terminal velocity ride. she is now able to walk with a walker. the request for help came from a family friend of sheen. the actor said he doesn't like to publicize most of his donations, but wanted to talk about this one and inspire others to donate. look at charlie sheen. >> good for him. doing something good for a change. your favorite disney characters are taking over the district. >> alice in wonderland, the lion king, and peter pan just a few classics joining forces for a magical show on ice. fox 5's holly moore has your back stage pass this morning. we'll check in with her after the break.  my mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee
6:55 am
6:56 am
because she thinks it's too dark, and so i brought her some blonde roast. she loves it now. "my son made me this coffee," "you should try it, it's delicious." ♪
6:57 am
and some people found that a little bit strong.. but as soon as they tasted blonde roast, boy they were on board. ♪ >> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. happy friday to you. if you're looking for a little
6:58 am
magic heading into the weekend, nobody does magic better than disney. and disney on ice has skated into town at verizon center, where we are live and where they have brought a treasure trove. that is the name of the show. and it is a chance for you to discover all the riches disney has to offer. they have 15 disney characters coming to life on the ice. and on the ice we have the lost boys from peter pan. we're going to get a sneak peek at something from the lion king, princess and the frog. we're going to talk to the skater, the tour director, and of course most importantly, we're going to give you all the information you need to know so you and your family can come out and experience a little disney magic yourselves. >> looks like fun. >> it does. good time on ice. >> let's say good morning to today's fan of the day.
6:59 am
doris says she wakes up to fox 5 every day. we thank you. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> that does it for the 6:00 hour. >> now over to allison and tony. you have a lot to talk about today, as always, but today extra. >> scary stuff today. thank you. happy friday to you. coming up on fox 5 morning news, scary space show. a meteor bursts into flames, injuring hundreds in russia, as the world awaits a close encounter with an astroid. why you shouldn't be worried ahead. >> a weeping weeping oscar pistorius appears in court and learns the courts have been upped against him. >> trouble for chuck havingle. the senate postpones a vote. how a nearly two week wait may affect him. >> unexpected guest drops in on the

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